Sweetie handbag, 727 Sailbags

Granit Grey

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Made from 100% recycled sail. 

Resistant, stylish and durable, the Sweetie "Gris Granit" is the perfect handbag for your everyday life.Its dimensions and size are perfect for your PC and your everyday accessories. . Don't waste time looking for your keys in your handbag, the Sweetie has an integrated carabiner to hang your keys. Making life that much easier. Bag accessory (N¡3 leather) is sold separately. . The Sweetie handbag comes with a removable spinnaker scarf, which you can tie to the handles. . A certificate of origin is sewn inside and tells the story behind the sails.

Certification : 100% recycled sails Sailcloth : Genoa Jib Boat/skipper : Maxi Yacht Ocean / Race : Mediterranean



Height: 30 cm / 12 inches Base: 20 x 30 cm / 8 x 12 inches Zipper length: 48 cm / 19 inches Pocket: 25 x 23 cm / 10 x 9 inches



Two rope handles Magnetic closure 1 inside zip pocket 100% cotton lining 1 carabiner key ring Removable scarf Logo 727 Sailbags embossed leather Recycled and made in France .


This product is made from 100% recycled sails, which have already navigated the seven seas. This makes it a unique product, whose appearance may be different from the picture shown. We proudly keep the traces, folds and seams that bear the stories of each sail.