Cyrillus is above all a beautiful story,
The story of a mother, Danielle Telinge,
Who, not finding for her children clothes to her taste,
Decides to design her own collection.
In 1977 she creates Cyrillus, named after her son Cyrille,

And very quickly a first catalogue is produced
At first it’s a family business: uncles, children, cousins…
Participate in this new adventure.
Exclusive creations, unique style and savoir-faire,
Thanks to these values Cyrillus quickly becomes a great success.

Over more than 30 years Cyrillus has cultivated an instinctive sense of elegance, 
Creating collections each more chic and authentic than the last.
The beautiful story has only just begun…

  1. 1969

    Birth of Cyrille Telinge

  2. 1977

    Creation of Cyrillus
    by Danielle Teling, Cyrille’s mother
    Launch of the first catalogue

  3. 1980

    Creation of the first collection for adults

  4. 1983

    Opening of the first boutique
    in Paris, rue Chanez, 16ème arrondissement 

  5. 1991

    International development:
    Belgium, Switzerland, Japan, Austria,Germany, United Kingdom

  6. 1999

    Launch of the internet site

  7. 2005

    Cyrillus Maison is created

  8. Aujourd'hui

    Today Cyrillus has 61 boutiques
    in France and internationally.

And tomorrow…