Hand Pruner, Opinel


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The pruner blades are made of stainless steel and can cut through branches up to 20 mm in diameter. Their shape is optimised to reduce the effort of cutting (lever arm). The selector switch has 3 positions: closed, wide opening and narrow opening, in order to adjust to branch thickness or hand size. The handles, in varnished beech and polyamide, are equipped with safeguards to ensure comfort and safety of handling. The hidden spring prevents any risk of crushing or pinching. FEATURES: . Stainless steel pruner blades . Beechwood/ polyamide handle

Stainless steel pruner blades Beechwood/ polyamide handle
Maintenance Tips
With your OPINEL open, run warm water on the blade and wipe with a sponge and washing-up liquid. Rinse the blade with warm water while taking care not to soak the wooden handle. Important: Do not immerse your knife in water as this could warp the wooden handle.