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Hands are weaving, hands are cutting, hands are  sewing…one of our distinctive feature is to manufacture our raw material directly, thus perpetuating the weaving tradition of the North of France and concentrating the whole making in the same place.

The concept of « Made in France » is getting more and more relevant. Buying local products is becoming the best option and the demand is increasing.

This season again, we are involved in the movement and we are willing to innovate without getting rid of the past.

Adapting ancient dyes to redesign the tea-towel, using proven techniques to decorate the house with « jean-like »fabric, as well as launching new fabric aspects like the silver-threaded one, are parts of our process.

Our numerous skills lead to the creation of beautiful, resistant and lasting material, therefore, prioritizing natural fibers (linen, cotton) for their multiple, practical and ecological properties.

We want a better production for a better consumption

« Keeping instead of disposing 


TRP Charvet Company has been established in Armentières for more than a century.

The city of Armentières, located in the heart of Europe has been known as « the city of linen » since the Middle Ages. It produced the best quality bed linen in woven cotton and linen.

AT that time, TRP Charvet was specialized in the production of fabric for bed sheets, working garments and outdoor cotton fabric.

At the beginning of the XXth century, the company extended their production to all industrial markets through the weaving of linen, traditionally grown extensively in Flanders .

TRP Charvet became and remains the main manufacturer of industrial fabrics made of natural fibers(overalls,tunics,bakery fabric,tarpaulins,tea-towels, luggage fabric…)

In 1996, Charvet innovated and diversified their production  of technical fabrics. Huge investments were made to meet the demand of the new industrial markets.

Today, the existing tools enable to manufacture 40 to 330 cm strips with materials like cotton, linen,viscose,polyesterHT, aramids and meta-aramids.

This is as  weaver  that Charvet have combined experience and innovation for more than a century.

In 2009, Charvet Editions was born. A design studio and a making workshop are dedicated to household linen.

Combining ancient know-how and new processes, our household linen collections are based on innovation and originality in the creation of fabrics and processing of textiles.


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